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We know it's all about working hard and achieving success. However, we also think it's about holding onto what you have. We try to handle each contract drafted, each lawsuit filed or defended, each real estate transaction handled, each estate plan drawn, and each LLC created with this end goal in mind.

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Attorney Stephen J. Gross

Practice Areas



Real Estate Purchase Documents             


California Corporation & LLC Formation 


Drafting Of Business Agreements


Revocable Living Trusts  


Health Care Directives and Other Estate Documents 


College Financial Aid LLCs For:

      Family Owned Business

      Rental Real Estate


Judgment Creditor Asset Protection



Breach of Contract Cases


Real Estate Misrepresentation and Non Disclosure Cases


Escrow Deposit Disputes


Real Estate Buyer-Seller Disputes


Shareholder and Partner Disputes


Real Estate Agent Disputes


Owner-Contractor Disputes 


Debtor- Creditor Disputes

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