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Several years ago I was involved in a lawsuit as the majority shareholder of a small corporation brought by the minority shareholder. Several serious claims were brought against me including fraud and embezzlement of money from the company. Attorney Gross not only cleared me of the those allegations but successfully negotiated my buy out of my opponent so that I became the 100% owner of the company. I recommend him for business dispute cases.

Iraj K.

Los Angeles, CA


I co- owned 2 real estate properties In Southern California with a partner. She was not paying her share of the expenses and so the burden of maintaining the properties fell on me. Stephen Gross filed a partition action on my behalf and was able to obtain a court order granting title in full to me coupled with an order for reimbursement on her share of the expenses. He is a knowledgeable real estate attorney. I appreciate the fact that he works with the client to minimize cost wherever possible in handling a claim.

Helaine S.

Los Angeles, CA


I am the owner of my own business and recently sought to buy the assets of another company. The seller presented me with his form purchase agreement. I was referred to Stephen J. Gross to review it before signing. Stephen brought to my attention many missing elements in the agreement and basically revamped the whole thing putting in place many protections for me. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable about this area and explained to me each step of the way why I needed certain clauses in the contract and escrow papers for protection. I believe he has saved me potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. He is a real pro.

Tony M.

Reseda, CA


I own several rental properties in Southern California and was concerned about liability exposure even though I had insurance on the properties. Mr. Gross knew just what to do setting up a series of California LLCs and placing my properties such that the rental properties and my other personal assets are safe from creditors claims. I would recommend him in the area of real estate law, company formation, and asset protection.

Guillermo A.

Los Angeles, CA


I am a married woman who inherited a rental property from my family. My children are applying to college. With assistance of Stephen Gross I was able to place my rental property in a California LLC held by a separate property revocable trust and as a result was able to obtain college financial aid and at the same time achieve my estate planning goals. I would recommend Stephen Gross to those who have valuable assets and yet want to apply for college aid for their student attending college.

Dariel D.

Manhattan Beach, CA


My wife and I recently bought a home in an expensive part of Los Angeles. Stephen Gross reviewed our escrow papers before the purchase and was helpful to make sure we were protected catching some things that our broker missed. He also prepared a revocable living trust for us and placed the placed the house In the trust for estate planning purposes. His work was prompt and thorough. I would recommend him.

Martin S.

Los Angeles, CA

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